Peter R. Roth

Founder - Managing Director - Specialist for complex Projects and Changes

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Peter Roth is a successful, independent project leader and business engineer with extensive experience in international, complex projects and programs.

Peter pursues a goal-oriented, systemic approach, where he includes all stakeholders from all management levels and finds and implements common solutions. He has a clear idea of ​​how changes are designed and effectively implemented in increasingly agile, cross-functional organizations. With the right structures, he creates transparency and controls complexity. With creativity and the latest methods and techniques, he develops strategies, organizational structures, service models, processes and IT systems and implements these with his project teams with persistence and a sense of proportion.

As a business engineer with a background in chemical research, he is able to quickly analyze complex problems with his pronounced ability to think abstractly and to transform them together in a team into innovative solutions.
For over twentyfive years, medium-sized and large companies in Switzerland like UBS, Swiss Re and Roche have entrusted him with responsible tasks, where he generates important added value and contributes to their success. Roche is a global leader in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and currently probably the most successful company in Europe. Roche selects and employs the world's best specialists and has an incredible, innovative culture. Roche has been counting on Peter's expertise and experience as an external consultant and project manager in various global strategic and tactical programs and changes for over 12 years. He is somebody who transform ideas into solution and also implements it in an effective way.

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The company Roth Informatik was founded in 1997. In 1998 the company OMEGA IT-Consulting emerged from this. It is based in Dürnten in the Zurich Oberland since 2002. Peter R. Roth is the company's founder, owner and managing director. We started with the management of technical IT projects, then supplemented these with organizational aspects in processes, services and structures and today we cover the entire breadth from strategy to technical implementation. We support well-known companies in important customer projects, had insight into numerous organizations, and were able to continuously refine, update and expand our craft.

We therefore have a broad knowledge and many years of diverse experience, which we can use effectively and purposefully in new projects. In addition, we are closely networked with various specialists and partner companies.

Methods, models & techniques

You do not need to invent the wheel again. Appropriate methods, techniques and models support the predictability of an undertaking significantly. This is dependent of the business area of the company and the current problem. Many companies already have it completely or at least partly and can be used immediately by us. Otherwise, we apply existing, proven methods and models and adopt it to the concrete problem statement. This across all disciplines of the organization with a focus on project leadership and project management.

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In the last years we already could take over several tasks within different projects, where we contributed an important part for the project success. Therefore, we count on a large experience over the whole organization, which we can bring in in new projects. We cover the full spectrum of the organization, from strategy, over projects, services, processes to the implementation and review.

For our customers we conducted projects in the following business areas:

  • Banking (systematic ITSM tool evaluation, design, definition, implementation and further development IT service catalog incl. tool, implementation IT service management ITSM incl. tools, process design and process management, development and execution of service assessments and project reviews)
  • Cantonal tax authority (consulting / expertise tax processes)
  • Cantonal police (customization, configuration and implementation IT service management ITSM)
  • Diagnostics (design and implementation E2E IT strategy, transition, organizational change management OCM, org design and reorganization, outsourcing of support services, definition and implementation agility, concept and implementation IT service management ITSM incl. tool, design and implementation case/complaint handling, optimization application management, optimization vendor management, support in audits)
  • Life science (execution of IT service assessment)
  • Pharma (Design and implementation IT Service Management)
  • Reinsurance (Definition and verification SOX 404 compliance)
  • Retail (Enterprise Service Management)

If you are interested, we can provide you more details about our references on request.

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Side changes

Also, outside of our business we implement new challenges with passion. An example for this is the famaro project to develop a unique offroad camper. Compact while driving - generous while standing. With this challenge we combine our skills in projects with our passion for travelling and exploring.

With our long travel experience and a clear vision, we designed and specified the famaro camper cabin based on our detailed requirements and with close cooperation with local specialists. Several management practices like strategy, innovation, project management, requirements engineering, product development, quality management, delivery and contract management, prototyping, testing and approval could be applied.

But despite of all knowledge, such a exotic endeavor requires not only a brilliant idea but also the will to build something special, courage to get out of the comfort zone, willingness to learn in completely new technical areas and markets, creativity and endurance, the openness to meet external people and a great team on which you can rely also in difficult times.

Please find more information about this exciting project under!

OMEGA IT-Consulting - Projects are our passion!

We are happy to support you in your projects. Describe us your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. We listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how we can support you. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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