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Modern Project Leadership


Like general leadership, project management is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the current requirements of society. Read here what modern project management looks like.

By Peter Roth, September 21, 2021

Is project leadership the same as general leadership?

Project leadership is based on general leadership and extends it with specific project skills. This contains principles, structures, methods, models und artifacts.

What distinguishes modern leadership?

Modern leadership creates leadership effectiveness.

This consists of both, individual and collective effectiveness. Individual effectiveness is required to catalyze collective effectiveness.
[Anderson/Adams, Mastering Leadership 2016]

What helps modern leadership?

Modern leadership is supported by the five main competency groups

  • Relating - The leader’s capability to relate to others in a way that brings out the best in people, groups and organizations
  • Self-awareness - The leader’s orientation to ongoing professional and personal development, as well as the degree to which inner self-awareness is expressed through high integrity leadership
  • Authenticity - The leader’s capability to relate to others in an authentic, courageous and high-integrity manner
  • System awareness - The degree to which the leader’s awareness is focused on whole system improvement, productivity, and community welfare
  • Achieving - The extent to which the leader offers visionary, authentic, and high achievement leadership

[The Leadership Circle, Creative Leadership Competencies]

What is specific to project leadership?

Project leadership includes situational leadership models that describe ways to tailor one’s leadership style to meet the needs of individuals and the project team.
[PMI, PMBOK Guide 7th Edition 2021]

Which characteristics of personality development are required?

Project leadership requires a mature character and long experience to orchestrate a unique and complex project.

The development focusses on:

  • Leadership and Project Process
  • Leadership and Project Competencies
  • Leadership and Project Consciousness

What should the project management focus on?

A modern project leader is somebody who understands and communicates the purpose of the project and who can transform it into outcomes.


A project leader is a person who is trusted.