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Implementing complex projects successfully!

I am happy to lead and manage complex programs and projects, make changes and transformations for you and guide them efficiently and predictably to the desired outcome. Topics in it can include strategy, organization, services, processes and IT, mostly with progressive digitization and increasing agility. Often it is also a combination of these.

Changes are my business, projects are my competence.

Project execution

A project has a massive problem, eats more and more resources, time and money, and does not deliver to the desired scope? Or have you started a project that is becoming increasingly bigger and more complex and that you lack knowledge or resources for implementation?

Because of my many years of experience and my broad knowledge, I can offer the takeover of the PMO's depending on the need, and lead this reliably and competently to the desired goal.

Leading programms and projects

Do you have a specific project and now need professional, targeted support for its implementation?

In the contractual relationship, I take on the role of program or project manager with a systematic and goal-oriented initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and control, and completion of business and IT projects, including active risk management and transparent project controlling. These projects can involve predictive (waterfall), hybrid or adaptive (iterative and incremental, agile) development approaches. My systemic integration of the project into the business environment ensures control and communication geared towards the interest groups, taking into account the critical success factors of power and micro-politics, identity, knowledge, cooperation and information.

Implementation of the strategy

Due to the constantly changing environment, your company or organization has a new strategy or adapted and you now want to implement them in your environment in a targeted and effective way? Do you probably want to increase the agility of your organization, promote innovation and accelerate the change to the digital society?

I can effectively support you in the development of the strategy, the development of a systematic plan of action and implementation tailored to your organization and its implementation. I am happy to lead or accompany a necessary transformation project involving the interest groups, the entire management and the employees.

Adjustment of the organization

Due to strategic or operational changes, does it make sense for you to also adjust responsibilities, management spans and budgets?

I will help you to develop and implement a reorganization in cooperation with internal HR, communication and finance. Your employees should always have enough information to understand why we are doing this and to have the opportunity to give feedback.

Increasing the service orientation

Do you want to get closer to your customers with your organization and support them even better but at lower costs?

I would be happy to support you in developing a service management strategy (e.g. with VeriSMTM), an implementation plan, in defining the required processes (e.g. using ITIL® ), responsibilities and roles, and the underlying IT systems and data. In doing so, I pay close attention to adapting the corporate culture and the behavior of the employees.

Otimization of the processes

The efficiency and effectiveness of processes need to be improved, processes optimized and better integrated?

I would be happy to create the process map for you, carry out a process assessment and take over the management of a process optimization project with an IT component.

Digitization of the organization

Do you want to automate your business processes with workflows, make data available everywhere, redesign how employees work together, better control the behavior of customers and suppliers, or evaluate a new out-of-the-box tool?

I would be happy to accompany you as part of a project in the evaluation, specification and implementation of digitization projects and give you comprehensive advice on the right approach, be it conventional, agile or hybrid.

Business Engineering

You need an analysis? Or a strategy, service, implementation or technical concept? Do you want to optimize your strategy, service and processes?

We develop well-founded analyzes and systematically develop a suitable, structured concept and help you with the implementation if necessary. Or we sharpen the strategy and develop new or optimize existing services and processes.

Initiating a change

Are you planning or are you already involved in an important change project or do you have a complex project?

I support any changes with appropriate change management. I give your project a suitable structure and create transparency so that you can control the change in a targeted manner. I would also be happy to take on an active role in it or provide you with targeted support in the background.

I am happy to support you in your projects. Describe me your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. I listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how I can support you. I am looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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