Many companies work in project mode but are not really aware of it. If an order is carried out for a customer, which is unique, has a certain complexity and duration, and where several people, teams or companies work together, this undertaking can be referred to as a project. Such an order could include:

  • the construction of a family house, a vehicle, a tool or a dam
  • the installation of a solar system, a snowmaking system or an art exhibition
  • the development of a medicine, software, a fertilizer or a machine component
  • the production of components, active ingredients, analysis devices or semi-finished products
  • the implementation of a seminar, an event, or a concert
If such project orders are carried out regularly or if they are even a fixed part of the business model, project management in detail and project portfolio management as a whole becomes an important competence, if not even a core competence of the company or organization. Customers are also increasingly weighting the project competence of contractors when awarding projects, which can result in a competitive advantage.

If these core competencies are not given the necessary attention, this could lead to:

  • problems, risks and discrepancies
  • a bad working atmosphere, unmotivated employees
  • then loss of quality, cost and time overruns on orders
  • and finally disgruntled customers with fewer orders, sales, profit and market share.
What use is a great product if it is delivered too late, is too expensive or cannot deliver what it promises in terms of quality? Who appreciates an event that, while covering a fascinating topic, is poorly organized and chaotically executed?

It is therefore necessary to weight and maintain project and project portfolio management as a core competence. To do this,

  • the applied methods, models and techniques must be appropriate and up to date
  • the tools used must be supportive, user friendly and efficient
  • the project participants must be adequately trained on a regular basis
This is the only way a company can present itself as a competent partner.

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