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With the certification as SAFe Program Consultant SPC the question came up whether I will not run any projects anymore?

By Peter Roth, January 23, 2023

I can answer that question with a clear no.

The reasons for this are:
  • Many companies are not yet fully agile. This is reality and will certainly remain so in the years to come. A cultural change like the transformation to agility takes time. Companies that have already started with agility usually did not start across the board, but with a pilot, for example with the IT department. Accordingly, classic hierarchical and agile organizations run in parallel, which means quite a challenge. This circumstance must be taken care of.
  • As an external specialist, it is important to me to show my customers different approaches and solutions. In it I would also like to know and be able to use the advantages and disadvantages of these. The world is too complex to take just one approach. From my point of view, only an approach that fits the problem and the context is a good approach.
  • For me, methods, models, frameworks and techniques are tools to achieve a specific goal, solve a problem or develop a solution. They are not an end in themselves.
  • SAFe focuses on the development process of a product, but can also be applied in other areas. Project management is about controlling the project. These are two pairs of shoes that are to be used in a targeted manner.
  • New project methods such as PMI PMBOK Edition 7 integrate different development approaches. Thus, one project team using Scrum can perform in sprints, while the second works sequentially, and the third adopts a hybrid form with incremental and iterative approaches. At the same time, this shows the immense advantage and value of adaptive project management, which combines the different approaches that are reality into a unified whole and focuses on value.
That's why I use both SAFe and adaptive project management depending on the situation, as long as it creates added value for the individual customer.

I am happy to support you in your projects. Describe me your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. I listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how I can support you. I am looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Peter Roth

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