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Changing Sides

By Peter Roth, January 18, 2021

Extending the horizont...

When you are working in the same area already for such a long time like me, it is important to leave the well-known environment from time to time and to become active in unknown fields to broaden your horizon.

In my case, not only projects and changes are my passion but also travelling. A few years agoI have started the private project famaro.

The result is the famaro camper which is a 4WD vehicle with an innovative camper cabin concept. Compact while driving, generous while standing – this is our slogan. Other results are great learnings in different areas like solar power, composites, statics, etc.

...with a chance of success

Meanwhile, the famaro project is not only a very interesting, mind opening side change but it is becoming even a successful project. The concept has reached such a high maturity that we received many requests to buy it from all over the world. That is why we build up a partnership with a company, a specialist in composites and constructions, that allows us now to build the famaro cabin in very high #SwissMade quality for other interested travelers.

Read more about this inspiring project on our website .